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Explore all kinds of landscapes – the internal and the external – with these evocative reads selected by other site users. To suggest your own landscape read, click here.

The Arrival of Fergal Flynn by Brian  Kennedy

The Arrival of Fergal Flynn

By Brian Kennedy

This is the story of Fergal Flynn and how he copes with growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles. Fergal is from a rugby playing, macho family but he does not fit in and is ostracised and beaten on a regular basis. Fergal looks after his sick alcoholic grandmother but has a beautiful singing voice. A local priest helps Fergal to chase his dreams and accept his sexuality. I found this book absolutely fantastic and wanted to find out where Fergal goes after the book ends. I enjoyed Kennedy’s writing and hope he writes his next one pretty soon.

Hotel World by Ali Smith

Hotel World

By Ali Smith

Hotel World takes us through a night in the lives of five people. Three are strangers, two are sisters, one is dead. Through the course of the evening we are drawn into their different worlds. It's luxurious for some, but a long drop for others. Although it has its flaws, Smith has been largely successful in creating a compelling and thought-provoking novel.

Second Chance Tuesday by Lennox Morrison

Second Chance Tuesday

By Lennox Morrison

Don't you wish sometimes that you could have a second chance - at love, in your career, in your family? Tuesday Donnelly gets a second chance but there is a mystery in her family that needs to be solved. Read this one to find out all about the skeletons in Tuesday's closet.

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