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Explore all kinds of landscapes – the internal and the external – with these evocative reads selected by other site users. To suggest your own landscape read, click here.

Sweetness and Light by Hattie Ellis

Sweetness and Light

By Hattie Ellis

Did you know that the European Honey Bees stayed in their hives as Chernobyl spread its toxic dust? Want to know more about the most studied creature on this planet after man? Then this buzzing narrative is for you.

Children of the Dead End by Patrick McGill

Children of the Dead End

By Patrick McGill

Written as fiction, but this is Patrick MacGill's autobiography. Starts with his childhood in Ireland at the end of the 19th century, then the story moves to Scotland and his career as tramp, gang-labourer, navvy, and eventually writer.

Soirbheas: Fair Wind by Meg Bateman

Soirbheas: Fair Wind

By Meg Bateman

Meg Bateman's most personal collection yet. Placing contemporary and traditional images of the Highlands side by side. Haunting and absorbing.

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