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Read mor… on the edge

Take a bold step with these gripping reads chosen by other site users. To suggest a book that took you to the edge of your seat – or your boundaries – click here.

Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh


By Irvine Welsh

This is an amazing book; essentially a collection of vignettes about Edinburgh street life among the heroin users strung together by a common cast and a narrative about Renton escaping. Making heavy use of the local patois, the book can be difficult to read but it is well worth preserving because the language is an essential element in bringing the amazing cast of characters to life. This is not a book for the faint-hearted - it is often graphic and disturbing in its portrayal of drug addiction (particularly the places you might stick needles) and violence (you will certainly think twice before insulting a waitress).

Out of the mists by John Barrington

Out of the mists

By John Barrington

A new look at traditional stories. A must for anyone interested in history and folklore.

British Summertime by Paul Cornell

British Summertime

By Paul Cornell

Anything can, and does, happen when a group of unhinged and unhappy individuals are thrown together into a cosy English setting. Insane and unlikely events involving people from the past and the future make for a compulsively weird and hugely enjoyable read. Prepare to be confused, shocked and extremely well entertained.

Beyond the comfort zone

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