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Take a bold step with these gripping reads chosen by other site users. To suggest a book that took you to the edge of your seat – or your boundaries – click here.

The Mystery of Olga Chekhova by Arthur Beevor

The Mystery of Olga Chekhova

By Arthur Beevor

If you enjoy historical biographies with a twist, you'll like this strange tale of Russian Soviet agent, Olga, niece of the playwright Chekhov, and Hitler's favourite filmstar! Extraordinary reading from a master biographer.

The Gathering Night by Aashmore Aashmore

The Gathering Night

By Aashmore Aashmore

A wonderfully written story, set in pre-historic Scotland, about a murder and its consequences. You can feel the warmth of the fire and smell the wood burning as the children gather round to hear the story from their elders.

The Zigzag Way by Anita Desai

The Zigzag Way

By Anita Desai

A man searches for his identity through a family connection to a remote part of Mexico. An anthropologist is living there, having made her reputation by her studies of the local people - but what is she hiding from? What is the power of the Day of the Dead? And who is the woman with the chrysanthemums? This book is a mysterious enigma, to be savoured.

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