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Time to unwind with these indulgent reads selected by other site users. To make your own suggestion for a book to escape with, click here.

Castings by Mandy Haggith


By Mandy Haggith

A new collection of poems by Mandy Haggith exploring her concern for the environment. Original and thought provoking.

The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes

The Other Side of the Story

By Marian Keyes

Join JoJo Harvey, a literary agent, enjoying life and love - with her married boss! She was also enjoying her successful career until she began to represent two women who USED to be BEST FRIENDS!! Prepare to laugh out loud at this sharply observant and witty look at life, love and complications!

Coffee: A Dark History by Anthony Wild

Coffee: A Dark History

By Anthony Wild

If your favourite tipple is a double espresso you may enjoy this historical overview of the history of coffee. Provides the factual balance to the atmospheric novel 'The Coffee Trader' by David Bliss. You may get through a few cuppas while reading this.

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