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Time to unwind with these indulgent reads selected by other site users. To make your own suggestion for a book to escape with, click here.

Castings by Mandy Haggith


By Mandy Haggith

A new collection of poems by Mandy Haggith exploring her concern for the environment. Original and thought provoking.

Doctors and Nurses by Lucy Ellman

Doctors and Nurses

By Lucy Ellman

Passionate, outrageous, vitriolic, witty and very funny, ‘Doctors and Nurses’ is the medical romance to beat all. Strong language and an unusual use of medical terms intermingle in a world where nurses never wash their hands and doctors are the lowest of the low. This is a hugely entertaining dissection of the doctor nurse relationship, where one enormous nurse with an amazing personality stands up for love!

For Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani

For Matrimonial Purposes

By Kavita Daswani

Anju’s glamorous New York fashion designer lifestyle sometimes sits uneasily with her traditional Bombay values. As she hits 30, enter her mother and aunt intent on arranging a suitable marriage. A fun read - hilarious, warm and poignant.

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