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Scottish Readers

Things to do in reading groups

Go out for a meal

Food is a great theme for a special reading group event. Read Italian books/books set in Italy and talk about them over Italian food, or Indian, Chinese or whatever.

Wine and books evening

Still on the Food theme, choose four books set in four different wine producing countries. Ask members of the group to read a previously selected extract from the book while you all taste the wine from that country.

Readers' evening

Do you know any other reading groups meeting regularly in your area? What about setting up a joint session? You could use this site as a focus for the session.   Ask everyone to bring a book they would recommend (or not recommend!) which might fit one of the features of the Park - something to read on a park bench; something which you might want to tell the world about from the Bandstand. Contact your library service for information about local reading groups.