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Books tagged with "absorbing"

The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follet

The Key to Rebecca

By Ken Follet

Set in the North African Desert in 1942, Wolff's mission is to steal military plans and send them to Rommel. The codes needed are buried deep in the pages of a novel. The pace is fast. This book is full of chase scenes, a race against death and a speeding train. Adventure meets romance to create a tension that builds to a breathtaking and explosive end. Not one to read at bedtime, unless you plan to be up all night.

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Das Boot by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim

Das Boot

By Lothar-Gunther Buchheim

One of the very finest classic stories of WW2, this tense and unrelenting drama of life and death on a German U-boat will hold you in its merciless grip. Definitely not one for the romantically inclined.

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The Eagle has Landed by Jack  Higgins

The Eagle has Landed

By Jack Higgins

Is there anyone who isn't already familiar with this wartime plot to kidnap Churchill and parade him back in Germany? If your recollection is purely down to Bank Holiday TV movie schedules, then give yourself a treat by experiencing this book first-hand. Perhaps the ultimate WW2 thriller?

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Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre

Vernon God Little

By DBC Pierre

A blistering satire on contemporary American life and values. You won't believe that you'll be laughing at a book that opens with a high school massacre!

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Anthem by Tim Binding


By Tim Binding

A suburban street in the UK is the catalyst for a cast of characters brought together in a series of rollercoaster twists and turns during the traumatic months of the Falklands War. Well within memory for many readers – this one promises to be a gripping read.

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