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Books tagged with "challenging"

Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustic

Lovely Green Eyes

By Arnost Lustic

Human nature being what it is, the survival instinct is strong. So, I find it hard to judge people for doing what they had to, to escape the gas chambers. This is a fictional story but I have no doubt that many of the details are real. A 15- year old Jewish girl chooses the only way out but has to come to terms with her actions later. This should be a depressing book but strangely it is most definitely not.

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A Gesture Life by Chang-Rae Lee

A Gesture Life

By Chang-Rae Lee

A book for those who feel they struggle to fit comfortably into society, or for readers who enjoy the opportunity to live life in someone’s else’s shoes. This thought-provoking novel speaks of regret, alienation and loss, and does so in a challenging and perceptive style.

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Nazi Hunter - the Wiesenthal file by Alan Levy

Nazi Hunter - the Wiesenthal file

By Alan Levy

How one man tracked down the Nazi war criminals of the holocaust to bring about justice, not vengeance; this biography of Simon Wiesenthal will both challenge and divert you from the humdrum of everyday life.

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The Sands of the Sakkara by Glen Meade

The Sands of the Sakkara

By Glen Meade

Ancient Egypt, archaeologists, Nazis – this is the story of an Indiana Jones clone with less humour but better characterisation and plot. Bit of a slow starter but stick with it.

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Finest Hour by Tim Clayton

Finest Hour

By Tim Clayton

This is a highly accessible experience for those who like their history packed with action, controversy and, above all, an awareness of time and place. Not a comfortable read for the faint-hearted but it will appeal to all those British Bulldogs out there.

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