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Books tagged with "compulsive"

The Great Escapers by Tim Carroll

The Great Escapers

By Tim Carroll

If you watch the film every Christmas, or whistle the theme tune each time England play Germany, you'll adore this marvellous biography about the real men behind the Stalag Luft lll escape plots. Anyone who wants to discover what really happened to the brave seven who made it out of Goring's showcase prison camp will find out within the pages of this book. History at its best. Gripping stuff.

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The Blind Man of Seville by Robert Wilson

The Blind Man of Seville

By Robert Wilson

The horrific murder and mutilation of a celebrity chef brings Inspector Javier Falcon face-to-face with his own past, where long-buried secrets surface to push him slowly over the edge. An excellent, gritty thriller which will keep you guessing right to the last chapter.

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Midnight in Some Burning Town by Christian Jennings

Midnight in Some Burning Town

By Christian Jennings

Detailed insight into the workings of the British Special Forces abroad from the Balkans to Afghanistan by an experienced war correspondent who’s seen it all first hand and really knows his stuff.

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The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

The Distant Echo

By Val McDermid

A classic whodunnit, full of seventies style and a nostalgia for all things Scottish. Twenty-five years on the killer remains at large but the truth will out. McDermid takes the long and winding road to get there.

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The End of War by David L Robbins

The End of War

By David L Robbins

An epic tale for lovers of what-could-have-been, this big novel makes compulsive reading as the protagonists struggle to be the first of the Allied armies to march into Berlin at the end of the war. A refreshing cast of characters tell the story of the final days of WW2 through their own perceptive eyes.

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