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Dream Angus by McCall Alexander Smith

Dream Angus

By McCall Alexander Smith

Very different from McCall Smith’s usual writings, this is a retelling of the Celtic myth of Angus – the god of dreams. A fairy tale for grownups, this book takes a bit of working at to get into it but I enjoyed it’s gentle pace and the fact that it is real escapism. Forget who wrote it and enjoy something completely different.

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Benares and In Babylon by Barlen Pyamootoo

Benares and In Babylon

By Barlen Pyamootoo

Benares is a remote Mauritian village where most of the journeys undertaken by its inhabitants take place firmly in the mind and a trip to the capital, Port Louis, is a great adventure. A story told in simple language with a poetic rhythm for those who like to immerse themselves in the lives of people who live in far away places.

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Four Sisters of Hofei by Annping Chin

Four Sisters of Hofei

By Annping Chin

The four sisters of the title were born into an aristocratic Chinese family in the early years of the 20th century. This is the tale of a lost world, beautifully created from letters, diaries, family histories, journals and interviews.

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Silk by Alessandro Baricco


By Alessandro Baricco

There’s nothing ‘lost in translation’ in this simple story which follows a merchant from France to Japan on his quest to find silk worm eggs. A sensual, awe-inspiring story for all those who enjoy that forbidden dessert.

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The Scheme for Full Employment by Magnus Mills

The Scheme for Full Employment

By Magnus Mills

It appears that subsidised tea and sandwiches keeps the work force happy - or does it? If you're looking for something a little deadpan this could be for you.

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