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Books tagged with "disturbing"

DDay as they saw it by Jon E Lewis

DDay as they saw it

By Jon E Lewis

A collection of first-hand accounts by soldiers on both sides who were there, on the 'longest day', when Hitler's defensive wall was breached and the Allied invasion of Normandy began. Exciting, heartwarming stuff.

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After by Claire Tristram


By Claire Tristram

A year after the brutal death of her husband at the hands of Muslim extremists, a woman decides to take a Muslim lover – why? A challenging and disturbing mix of grief, violence, desire and revenge set in post-9/11 America.

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The other Mrs Jordan by Mary Turner Thomson

The other Mrs Jordan

By Mary Turner Thomson

This true story is a warning about the dangers of online dating, and a sad chronicle of trust betrayed.

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Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Battle Royale

By Koushun Takami

This disturbing and definitely culty graphic novel is set in a near future Japan – a country which won WW2! Described by many readers as better than the film, expect a gory read full of passion and tears that twists and turns its way to a grand finale.

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Seven Tales of Sex and Death by Patricia Duncker

Seven Tales of Sex and Death

By Patricia Duncker

Interwoven stories which may require you to suspend your moral code. Edgy prose, disturbing images, oozing with debauchery and decadence will all linger long in the mind.

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