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Books tagged with "educational"

Battlecruiser by Douglas Reeman


By Douglas Reeman

Douglas Reeman is an expert on naval warfare stories. He has written more than 50 books under the name of Reeman or Alexander Kent and he served in the Navy from 1941 to 1945. HMS Reliant is the last of her class, her armour is vulnerable to single shells smaller German and Italian ships. Vivid and detailed action sequences are interspersed with romantic interludes as Reeman's personal experience takes you into the heat of battle.

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The Boy's Crusade by Paul Fussell

The Boy's Crusade

By Paul Fussell

A book for those lovers of history who like the meat on the bones salted with the anger of despair. A superbly unsentimental narrative, part history, part memoir, of the American Army in Britain, and beyond.

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Coffee: A Dark History by Anthony Wild

Coffee: A Dark History

By Anthony Wild

If your favourite tipple is a double espresso you may enjoy this historical overview of the history of coffee. Provides the factual balance to the atmospheric novel 'The Coffee Trader' by David Bliss. You may get through a few cuppas while reading this.

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The Coming of the Third Reich by Richard J Evans

The Coming of the Third Reich

By Richard J Evans

This excellent history, charting the rise of Nazism, tells it like it is. Will have a widespread appeal for those who want to further their understanding of the greater picture.

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Scottish Infantry Units in the World Wars by Mike Chappell

Scottish Infantry Units in the World Wars

By Mike Chappell

Anyone researching the history, uniforms, weaponry and military practices of the Scottish Divisions in WW2 will find something useful in this practical, well-illustrated book.

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