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Winston's War by Michael Dobbs

Winston's War

By Michael Dobbs

An engaging read for anyone with a passing interest in the wartime warlord of Number 10, but perhaps not for those who don't like their language too strong!

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They Would Never Hurt A Fly by Slavenka Drakulic

They Would Never Hurt A Fly

By Slavenka Drakulic

The Serbian war crimes trial is a challenging subject but Drakulic's writing is lively, engaging and compelling. From the monster Milosevich to the lowliest Serb soldiers, she enters the minds of the killers. But the darkness of the theme is illuminated by tales of the bravery and survival of 'ordinary' people. A must-read for anyone who wants to try to understand man's inhumanity to man.

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Sari and Sins by Nisha Minhas

Sari and Sins

By Nisha Minhas

Two girls – the timid new Indian bride and the long-term secret girlfriend – slog it out for the favours of the same man. Frothy, frank and laugh-aloud funny – and a completely unexpected take on arranged marriage.

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Walking With Murder by Ian Nimmo

Walking With Murder

By Ian Nimmo

Part travelogue, part biography, but mainly murder mystery, this book re-investigates one of Scotland's most famous crimes. The Appin Murder inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write 'Kidnapped', and here Ian Nimmo, with the help of a retired police officer, has taken a new look at it and come up with some startling conclusions. If you have even the slightest interest in either RLS or Scottish history, this book will thoroughly engage you.

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Furthermore by Susie Maguire


By Susie Maguire

Explores the seductive, dark and witty sides of the human condition. Shockingly beautiful, wonderfully engaging!

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