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Dying Light by Stuart MacBride

Dying Light

By Stuart MacBride

DS Logan McRae and the disparate characters on the Aberdeen police force tackle a series of prostitute murders. Tasteless, funny and gruesome – includes the infamous chicken shears scene!

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The Dark Ship by Anne Macleod

The Dark Ship

By Anne Macleod

Spanning two world wars, this Hebridean love story centres around the tangled lives of a group of friends. It culminates in modern times when a TV producer interviews the sole survivor of the group about his dead friend’s war poetry.

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The Hay field by Bob Davidson

The Hay field

By Bob Davidson

Set in rural Perthshire this is the story of a man on the run…from himself and to himself. If you want romance, death, power, jam, cats and black pudding - this is the book for you!

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The Personal Shopper by Carmen Reid

The Personal Shopper

By Carmen Reid

Meet Annie Valentine who has it all - She is stylish, savvy, the complete multi-tasker, has two children, glitzy career, everything that is except a man. Annie can solve everyone’s problems except her own it would seem.

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Wild Scots: four Hundred Years of Highland History by Michael Fry

Wild Scots: four Hundred Years of Highland History

By Michael Fry

This is a panoramic history of the Highlands and its people. From emigration and highland clearances to the traditional customs – it’s all here. The author captures the unique culture of the highlands and keeps the story of the highlands alive. Even if you don’t like history, this is a book you can dip into and find something to interest you. Well researched and written, this is worth a read whether you know lots or nothing about the Scottish history.

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