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Books tagged with "enlightening"

Dad's War by Howard Reid

Dad's War

By Howard Reid

‘What did you do in the war, Dad?’ This is a book for sons and fathers everywhere. An enlightening biography which tells of a son’s need to understand the father whose wartime adventures as a captive in Italy, and his many and varied escapes from the enemy, both intrigue and inspire him to journey in his father’s footsteps and retrace the past. Touching and tender - a book to savour.

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Crossing the Lines by Melvin Bragg

Crossing the Lines

By Melvin Bragg

This third part of Bragg's post-war trilogy is a must if you've read the previous two, or if you enjoy losing yourself in well written and tightly plotted family sagas.

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Self by Yann Martel


By Yann Martel

Where do fiction and autobiography, man and woman or violence and happiness meet? Following the life of a writer around Europe and Canada may not produce the answer you expect.

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Salt by Mark Kurlansky


By Mark Kurlansky

If you thought salt was just something that goes with pepper, think again: you will die without it! Salt has caused wars and been used as currency. This examination of the only rock which humans eat is nothing less than a history of humanity.

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Doing It by Melvin Burgess

Doing It

By Melvin Burgess

Remember what it was like when you were just discovering sex? For three teenage lads, intensity and terror overshadow the anticipated pleasures.

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