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The Black Cloud: Scottish Mountain Misadventures by Ian Thomson

The Black Cloud: Scottish Mountain Misadventures

By Ian Thomson

This book provides a fascinating account of some of the most noteworthy Scottish mountain misadventures in the years 1928-1966. The books begins in the late 1920s when searches were made by shepherds, stalkers and as many able-bodied volunteers as could be mustered. It ends in the days when helicopters and trained mountain rescue teams had become available. Interviews and newspaper accounts add interest to this fascinating book.

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Leaving the Nest by Dorothy Baird

Leaving the Nest

By Dorothy Baird

A journey through womanhood: from stumbling into adult life, childbirth, motherhood and the menopause. Dorothy Baird reminds us all how wonderful life is!

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The Devil's Disciples: the lives and times of Hitler's inner circle by Anthony Read

The Devil's Disciples: the lives and times of Hitler's inner circle

By Anthony Read

Goring, Goebbels, Himmler, Speer, Bormann, Ribbentrop, Heydrich, Hess … it’s a long list and they’re all here, Hitler’s henchmen and closest lieutenants, all squabbling for his attention, for a share in his charismatic power. Their personalities, intrigues, petty jealousies, rivalries and burning ambition are highlighted and discussed in this fascinating and gripping history.

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The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad

The Bookseller of Kabul

By Asne Seierstad

A fine portrait of a family dynamic like many other novels but this one exposes the prejudice and pain secretly suffered by millions of Afghan women. Full of fascinating detail this is a fiction book for a non-fiction reader.

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The Book of Israel by Jeremy Gavron

The Book of Israel

By Jeremy Gavron

An ambitious novel that takes you on a fascinating sweep through 130 years of Jewish history – and one family as seen through the letters, journals, speeches of those who surround them. It’s like meeting all the characters in that black and white photo on your grandparents’ mantelpiece.

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