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Books tagged with "funny"

Eating Jesus by Elaine Marney

Eating Jesus

By Elaine Marney

A dark comedy about an everyday Scottish family…and a very funny crime novel!

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Fresh by Mark McNay


By Mark McNay

Imagine if Irvine Welsh had written a novel about working in a chicken factory full of black humour, pathos and, of course, ‘fowl’ language! You will enjoy this down to earth tale of life at the sharp end.

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Wicked by Janet Paisley


By Janet Paisley

Janet Paisley's many fans will savour this comic novella about a relationship on the slide. A feisty, funny read is in store for you.

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Rock & Roll Mountains by Graham Forbes

Rock & Roll Mountains

By Graham Forbes

Music and mountains join forces to make a winning combination in this funny book. Moving between wild sex, drugs and gorgeous sunsets on some of the most stunning summits in the world, this book tells the story of extreme survival in a way that will appeal to not just walkers and climbers but everyone who likes a good read..

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The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes

The Other Side of the Story

By Marian Keyes

Join JoJo Harvey, a literary agent, enjoying life and love - with her married boss! She was also enjoying her successful career until she began to represent two women who USED to be BEST FRIENDS!! Prepare to laugh out loud at this sharply observant and witty look at life, love and complications!

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