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Deadly Code by Lin Anderson

Deadly Code

By Lin Anderson

Another novel featuring Lin Anderson’s heroine, forensic scientist Rhona Macleod. In this book, a six year old boy has vanished and his mother and grandmother are found horrifically murdered. The only clue to the boy’s disappearance is an African talisman left at the scene of the murders. Gripping and sometimes shocking, this comes highly recommended for those readers who love Scottish crime.

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The Dead Hour by Denise Mina

The Dead Hour

By Denise Mina

Paddy Meehan is trawling the streets of Glasgow for a story - something to prove she can write. She is called to a domestic dispute where meets a woman with a poodle perm at the door of a wealthy suburb in the north of the city - blood dripping from her chin. A gripping thriller!

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The Perilous Road to Rome and Beyond by Edward Grace

The Perilous Road to Rome and Beyond

By Edward Grace

A gripping memoir of war. As a young platoon commander with the 6th Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders, the author has captured in chilling detail, all that happened during campaigns in Tunisia and Italy.

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The Sporran Connection by Peter Kerr

The Sporran Connection

By Peter Kerr

If you like a gripping page-turner peppered with laughs, then this is for you. An off-the-wall whodunnit which is also a really good detective story.

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In Danger's Hour by Douglas Reeman

In Danger's Hour

By Douglas Reeman

This gripping tale from the master of the sea-warfaring genre will appeal to anyone looking for a page-turning read. As the allies prepare for D-Day, this is the story of the minesweepers – men who daily risk and life and limb to play their part. Expect human drama, suspense and amazing battlescenes and you won’t be disappointed.

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