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Books tagged with "hilarious"

Weekend by William McIlvanney


By William McIlvanney

A short novel about a group of students and lecturers meeting for a study weekend on a Scottish Island. Sex is the driving force, relationships are made and broken and at times it’s a little like a bedroom farce. Very funny.

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Parties by Tom Lappin


By Tom Lappin

Be careful what you wish for, you might find it! A black comedy about growing up…enjoy.

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Be My Enemy by Christopher Brookmyre

Be My Enemy

By Christopher Brookmyre

If you’ve not yet met Brookmyre’s anti-hero, Jack Parlabane, then now’s your chance. A country house freebie is the setting for this bitingly witty, white knuckle ride – expect jokes as abrasive as sandpaper and plenty of fun.

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A Visit from Voltaire by Dinah Lee Kung

A Visit from Voltaire

By Dinah Lee Kung

What is an American divorcee and her children doing in a remote village in Switzerland? And can this stinky old man in the funny clothes really be Voltaire come back to life? You'd better have an ambulance on standby reading this, in case you hurt yourself when you fall about laughing.

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The Mushroom Club by Andrew Murray Scott

The Mushroom Club

By Andrew Murray Scott

Three graduates of St Andrews University meet up once a year to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms. They crave untold riches and a lazy, exotic beach lifestyle. But how to get it? Almost by accident they hit on the perfect plan – involving kidnapping, extortion, “dirty bombs” and crude heart surgery.

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