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Books tagged with "historical"

Finding Peggy by Meg Henderson

Finding Peggy

By Meg Henderson

It was so true of Glasgow life back then, sad but true

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Bannockburn: Battle for Liberty by John Sadler

Bannockburn: Battle for Liberty

By John Sadler

John Sadler's story of the battle of Bannockburn takes into account all the latest research.

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Wildcat Haven by Mike Tomkies

Wildcat Haven

By Mike Tomkies

Think Born Free in the Highlands. But the cats are not quite so big.

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The Scottish Nation, 1700-2007 by T. M. Devine

The Scottish Nation, 1700-2007

By T. M. Devine

This has become the classic account of the making of modern Scotland.

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The Life of General George Monck: For King and Cromwell by Peter Reese

The Life of General George Monck: For King and Cromwell

By Peter Reese

Little-known nowadays, maybe, but George Monck decided the form of British Government when he invited Charles Stuart to become Charles II.

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