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Books tagged with "inspirational"

Mountain Days & Bothy Nights by Dave & Ian R Brown & Mitchell

Mountain Days & Bothy Nights

By Dave & Ian R Brown & Mitchell

Do you want to be inspired to take to the hills? If so, read this funny and witty book about the exploits of Fishgut Mac, Desperate Dan and Stumpy the Big Yin. Enter the bothies and howffs and feel a real sense of place in this very descriptive, classic book of mountain writing.

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Lie in the Dark and Listen by Ken Rees

Lie in the Dark and Listen

By Ken Rees

An inspirational true story of a young adventurer who joined the RAF to become a fighter pilot rather than continue in a reserved occupation as a farmer. Tales of derring-do don't get any more real than this.

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Ten Thousand Sorrows by Elizabeth Kim

Ten Thousand Sorrows

By Elizabeth Kim

Ten thousand sorrows says it all – and just when you think Korean orphan, Kim’s, life can’t get any worse – it does! This is the story of a mixed-race child with no status whatsoever. At times indescribably painful but, ultimately, inspirational.

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Siddhartha by Herman Hesse


By Herman Hesse

A book that put the mystic truth of Eastern religion into layman’s language. If you’re into philosophy, this is an inspiring read about one man’s search for a spiritual truth.

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Soirbheas: Fair Wind by Meg Bateman

Soirbheas: Fair Wind

By Meg Bateman

Meg Bateman's most personal collection yet. Placing contemporary and traditional images of the Highlands side by side. Haunting and absorbing.

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