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The Gaelic otherworld by John Gregorson Campbell

The Gaelic otherworld

By John Gregorson Campbell

The author collected and published folklore about his native Highlands and Islands. This book contains two of his works one on superstitions and another on witchcraft and second sight.

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Re-acquaintance by Martin Macintyre


By Martin Macintyre

This collection of eighteen stories – fourteen in Gaelic – won a Saltire Society, ‘first book of the year’award and is as emotionally broad as it is geographically. Love and death, joy and tragedy, it’s the same for us all whether we are in Central America, British towns or windswept isles. A journey of the mind and emotions for the reader.

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Carry Me Across the Water by Ethan Cann

Carry Me Across the Water

By Ethan Cann

It’s worth taking the time to give this short story some close attention. Will appeal to those who enjoy dwelling on the subtle life-changes fate insists we make in order to become whole.

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Dietrich's Ghosts by Erica Carter

Dietrich's Ghosts

By Erica Carter

If you’re interested in the modernist popular culture that underpinned the idealism of the Third Reich, and the glamorous stars of stage and screen who came to prominence under the fascist regime then give this book a go.

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The Thin Red Line by James  Jones

The Thin Red Line

By James Jones

An exploration of a subject which resonates in the psyches of Americans everywhere, this classic war novel by the author of From Here to Eternity tells of the battle for Guadalcanal and the men who fought this bloody and harrowing campaign. Should be read by anyone and everyone who cares about the men behind the inhumane face of war.

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