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Books tagged with "provoking"

The Gate by Francois Bizot

The Gate

By Francois Bizot

A journey through a world gone mad! On a routine outing in the Cambodian countryside Francois Bizot was captured and held hostage for 3 months by the Khmer Rouge. This is his memoir of the 'killing fields' of Cambodia.

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Buddha Da by Anne Donovan

Buddha Da

By Anne Donovan

A story of family life turned on its head by Da’s search for the spiritual through Buddhist meditation. Told with humour and pathos in equal measures by the authentic Glaswegian voices of mother, father and daughter.

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Good Girls Do Swallow by Rachael Oakes-Ash

Good Girls Do Swallow

By Rachael Oakes-Ash

This darkly comic book tells the true story of how a woman stopped hating her body. Compulsory reading for all young girls or anyone who’s ever been on a diet or suffered from an eating disorder.

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The Year is '42 by Nella Bielski

The Year is '42

By Nella Bielski

An elegant novel which explores the moral decisions and dilemmas facing two German officers in war-torn Europe. Quiet and thoughtful, this is a book for those who enjoy the subtleties of well-crafted literature.

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The Bloomsbury Book of the Mind by Stephen Wilson

The Bloomsbury Book of the Mind

By Stephen Wilson

A book to get you thinking about thinking! Key writings and up-to-date research present humanity’s most significant attempts to understand the mind and how it works.

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