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Books tagged with "reflective"

What is Good by A C Grayling

What is Good

By A C Grayling

How do you distinguish right from wrong? Do you sincerely believe in doing the right thing, or are you just afraid of getting caught. This pacy, readable book investigates human morality from Ancient Greece to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

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The Mystery of Things by A C Grayling

The Mystery of Things

By A C Grayling

Unravel the mysteries of the world by reflecting on the lessons offered by science, the arts and history.

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Living's the Strange Thing by Carmen Martin Gaite

Living's the Strange Thing

By Carmen Martin Gaite

Following the death of her mother, a middle-aged woman comes across an unfinished doctoral dissertation and finds herself confronting her childhood, her parents' relationship and her current feelings towards her architect partner. This intense examination of a life may have you questioning your own.

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Mr Foreigner by Matthew Kneale

Mr Foreigner

By Matthew Kneale

This is the story of an Englishman abroad – a young language teacher who becomes embroiled in an affair with one of his students with far-reaching and unexpected consequences. Great descriptions of Tokyo and an insight into the cultural gulf between England and Japan.

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A Million Little Pieces by Frey James

A Million Little Pieces

By Frey James

A graphic account of one man’s addiction to alcohol and drugs and his painful journey through rehabilitation. With amazing strength and totally lacking in self pity, James starts his journey back to clean living. A startlingly honest story of a damaged life being reconstructed.

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