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Books tagged with "relaxing"

War Story by Sara Hely

War Story

By Sara Hely

If you enjoy passion and suspense in equal measure, this one is an easy read and a great one to take on holiday.

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A Long and Lonely Road by Katie Flynn

A Long and Lonely Road

By Katie Flynn

This romantic wartime novel set in and around Liverpool will be right up your street if you like your family sagas dramatic and packed with events.

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Dad's Army by Graham McCann

Dad's Army

By Graham McCann

The enduring affection in which we hold this classic TV series is captured here in McCann's brilliant book of the story behind the series, from inception through to fruition. A very good, intelligent and insightful read for all fans of British humour.

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Glasgow Zen by Alan Spence

Glasgow Zen

By Alan Spence

A new collection of short poems on the theme of Glasgow, its people, landscape and culture. A witty and memorable introduction to the city for those who have never been and a fond portrait for citizens and regular visitors.

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The True History of Chocolate by Sophie D & Michael D Coe

The True History of Chocolate

By Sophie D & Michael D Coe

A dash of archaeology, a pinch of socio-economics, a spoonful of culinary history, blended with quotations and old recipes. This book is ‘chocolate for the mind’ as it charts the 3000 year history of chocolate beginning in the jungles of Mexico. A veritable chocolate for the mind.

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