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Books tagged with "rewarding"

The House of Blue Mangoes by David Davidar

The House of Blue Mangoes

By David Davidar

A family saga spanning three generations where many stories – both the personal and the political - interweave to make a rich and epic whole. But this is no quick-fix read – it demands both time and commitment from the reader, but if you stick at it, the rewards are plentiful.

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The Great Fire by Shirley Hazzard

The Great Fire

By Shirley Hazzard

Romance, death, agony and the aftermath of conflict enveloped in a love story pursued across time and continents. A novel of exquisite prose and deep humanity

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Salt and Saffron by  Kamila Shamsie

Salt and Saffron

By Kamila Shamsie

East meets West – Karachi and London. This is a gripping family drama about a girl’s homecoming and the legend of the not-quite twins. Expect a huge cast of characters but also a read suffused with humour, wit, invention and romance.

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Turquoise by Aamer Hussein


By Aamer Hussein

If you’re looking for a real and vivid alternative to the media images of Pakistan and Islam – then give this collection of short stories a go. War, partition and military rule form a compelling backdrop.

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Absolution Gap by Alistair Reynolds

Absolution Gap

By Alistair Reynolds

This is space opera at its hugely readable best. Set in a scarily plausible future, it’s big on fantastic weapons, but there’s plenty of human trauma too – suffering, deceit, loss and triumph. The third in a trilogy – but worth the read in spite of this.

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