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Books tagged with "scary"

Cowboys for Christ by Robin Hardy

Cowboys for Christ

By Robin Hardy

An amazing book connects with the Wicker Man, if you liked it you will like this. A story which draws you into its short chapters. Horror creeps in and it has a surprising ending.

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Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham


By Mark Billingham

Really, really scary stuff this – double-lock the back door, pour yourself a stiff drink and prepare to be terrified out of your wits as Thorne plays cat and mouse games with a psychopathic killer.

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Not On The Label by Felicity Lawrence

Not On The Label

By Felicity Lawrence

This will change the way you think about food forever! A devastating exposé of the state of the food production industry in Britain and a must read for anyone who shops in a supermarket.

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Flesh House by Stuart MacBride

Flesh House

By Stuart MacBride

Another tale to make the flesh crawl. Make sure all the doors are locked and the windows bolted before you start reading this.

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The Watcher by Grace Monroe

The Watcher

By Grace Monroe

A serial killer, dubbed the Edinburgh Ripper, is targeting redheads across the city. Headstrong young lawyer Brodie McLennan teams up with DI Duncan Bancho in an effort to discover the identity of this warped killer. Unbeknown to Brodie, the killer's web is spinning ever closer to her and her half sister Connie.

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