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Books tagged with "thrilling"

The Darkness and the Deep by Aline Templeton

The Darkness and the Deep

By Aline Templeton

The wreck of the Knockhaven lifeboat, tragic accident, act of vandalism or something more sinister? DI Marjory Fleming and her team investigate and with a whole community hungry for justice, the race is on!

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Upon Dark Waters by Robert Radcliffe

Upon Dark Waters

By Robert Radcliffe

Reminiscent of the black and white classic,The Cruel Sea, this story of the flower corvette, HMS Daisy, is intertwined with that of its second officer, Michael Villiers. A well-constructed read with convincing and exciting battle scenes. Michael’s personal experiences give the book an added dimension and explore the themes of alienation and belonging.

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Gemini Contenders by Robert  Ludlum

Gemini Contenders

By Robert Ludlum

Excitement, mystery and thrills aplenty from one of the masters of the crime/thriller genre. Sinister stuff for scary nights in. Hunker in the bunker and read on …

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The Tristan Betrayal by Robert Ludlum

The Tristan Betrayal

By Robert Ludlum

Did Ludlum write it? Or was it penned and polished by another hand? Those familiar with his previous works will have to read this well-crafted espionage thriller to try and find out!

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Plan of Attack by Dale Brown

Plan of Attack

By Dale Brown

High octane adventure in this post 9/11 tale of nuclear sabotage. Old enemies – America and Russia - renew their acquaintance as they battle for supremacy in US airspace. Will have you on the edge of seat throughout.

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